Remote Repairs

Classique Locksmith repair business is the best in the Gauteng, rest assured your key will be in very safe hands.We repair most makes & types of car remote control Key fobs & Key Shells. We have a high success rate when it comes to repairs with many makes and models available for repair.

When Key FOBs are damaged, they can cost a lot of money to replace, some of them hundreds of rands. It makes economical sense to try and repair them to save money.

Common faults –

  • Lock & unlock buttons fail to work anymore or become intermitent
  • Outer casings can become worn out & become very tatty looking, bad or broken battery holders & connectors can cause the key fob not to work at all anymore, even water damaged fobs can normally be repaired.

We also stock replacement key fob outer casings to refurbish your Key FOB to make it look new again.

We offer free advice so do not hesitate to visit and speak with an expert or call us directly.